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Welcome to Poopli!

What's new?


Down to about 30 dedicated users and 115 or so RTVs or things pretending to be RTVs.


Both Nancy James and Surfer Dan recently pointed out that the "Manage ReplayTVs" page was slow to load and often never quite got back to you. I fixed that bit of database rot. Thanks Nancy and Surfer Dan!


Nancy James pointed out that the emailed notifications had gone silent, and indeed they had. The notifications are working again. Thanks Nancy!


I finally managed to find the time to fix the fact that the sending of email was happening synchronously - yes, that's why it took sooooo long after you did anything on the "manage requests" page. My apologies to all the users who had multiple requests to deal with at once, and thanks for your patience, especially to "smcwilliams" who I think was pretty severely inconvenienced.

Next up - keeping track of user that have email that is consistently bouncing, because it seems like a useful thing for you to know when you're thinking of requesting a show from them.


The network change this morning did change the public IP address for I posted an announcement about it on the poopli forum. If you're reading this, it didn't affect you or doesn't affect you any more.


There is a network change at the datacenter scheduled for Friday 4/15/2016 @ 9:30 AM PDT. There may be a short loss of poopli connectivity that should not exceed half an hour or so. I am told that it should not affect poopli's public IP address. But this reminds me: when this instance of poopli appeared, early adopters had to use a literal IP address or an alternate name to reach it because we did not have access to the domain name. If anyone still has the address ( hard-coded in your windows host file or whatever, you might want to switch the more change-friendly Someday the IP address may change, and you'll have to fix it at some point.


I accidentally unplugged a cable and made poopli inaccessible for several hours. Sorry!


Henry pointed out that the IVS checker that poopli uses to let you know if your IVS is working was relying exclusively on the offical ReplayTV RDDNS service, which is currently down. I modified it so it looks at the backup service too.


fbreshears pointed out that under some circumstances the show picker was not offering you recordings that had temporarily disappeared from guide data and then come back. I fixed it.


Henry pointed out that the poopli-robot email had stopped flowing. I fixed that. (11/21/2014)

Henry pointed out that under some circumstances the show picker was offering you recordings that had been deleted. I fixed that. (10/11/2014)

When I rolled out the show request change, I broke poopli for about 12 hours, until someone thoughtfully pointed it out. I improved the monitoring. (8/31/2014)

I tried to request a show and almost went crazy trying to use a touchpad with the single big listbox for "show name". I added something that makes you specify the 1st character of the name first, so that the listbox is more manageable. Let me know if that's considered an improvement or not. (8/29/2014)

Sending users weren't able to send poop-tweets while the send was actually in progress (likely example: "Hey, did you receive that show I sent several months ago?"). Somebody pointed out this oversight and I fixed it. (8/17/2014)

Poopli was inaccessible for a few hours because the datacenter cleaning staff unplugged an ethernet cable whilst vacuuming. I discovered the free service. (8/16/2014)

Archie, who built and maintained the original poopli,com until its unfortunate demise (Archie's announcement is here) has graciously given us the domain. Because of this, it's no longer necessary to fuss with faking out your DNS for guide uploads to work. (8/9/2014)

The Manage ReplayTVs page now tells you about unregistered ReplayTV's that are uploading guide information from the same IP address as you. Perhaps they're yours?

Automatic reporting of tramsfer progress is now available, if you use WiRNS, or exchange shows with someone who does. Details here.

Can't log in due to password problens? Need a password reset? You can do it here.

What is Poopli?

I think that if you have found your way here, you know what this is - it's a bare-bones replacement for some of the functions offered by the original poopli website. Poopli publishes ReplayTV guide information. Members of the community are able to browse the universe of recordings that poopli knows about and ask people to send them to their ReplayTV's, or to anything that can convincingly impersonate a ReplayTV.

To receive shows from other members of the poopli community, you need to establish a user ID, and then register your replaytv units by Serial Number and ISN.

If you also want to make recordings on your ReplayTVs available to other users (and you should!), you will also need to use some software to upload your guide information to pooopli.

This poopli can interpret guide uploads from WiRNS, IVSMagic, and Poopli Updater v1.1.333.0. The earlier version of Poopli Updater (v. does not upload useful guide data.

This new version is lightly tested. You're helping to test it by using it, so perhaps you'll notice something that's not working correctly. Let me know when you do. If you think you've got a problem or suggestion that will be of general interest, please post in the planetreplay poopli forum.

I have not been able to obtain the old user information, so you'll need to register your user name/passwd/email/ReplayTV info even if you were registered on the old site.

I apologize for the very minimal 1970's style HTML, but I am not an HTML expert. Archie's poopli was very pretty, but this one is not.